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The following is a brief list of some of the written work produced in various forms over the years.

Number Title Description Location Area(s)
10.1002/eng2.12168 ‘Using directed graphs to define viewpoints to keep a metamodel, an architecture framework and views using different modeling languages consistent’, Wiley Engineering Reports, vol. 2, no. 6, p. e12168, Jun. 2020 Use of directed graphs (node - relationship - node) to define viewpoints (specifications for views). Overview of the work to describe the TRAK architecture framnework, metamodel and viewpoints by creating a set of views against viewpoint deinitions. The underlying model is a graph stored in a Neo4J graph database. The paper includes examples of each viewpoint used together with the graph queries in CYPHER used to produce the views. Provides an introduction to architecture description, graphs and CYPHER. MBSE, Architecture Description
3736126–001 ‘Architecture Description Viewpoints. Metamodel Description, Implementation and Model Changes’, Eclectica Systems Ltd, , Aug. 2019. Set of viewpoints (specifications for architecture views) which provide the means to 1) describe/define a metamodel; 2) define one or more viewpoints complete with rules for consistency and minimum view content; 3) describe changes to a model over time. Provides the parts needed to define the metamodel, viewpoints and rules for an architecture framework (and record changes to it within the model itself).. MBSE, Architecture Description
Defence Systems. Spring 2011. Vol 13 No. 3. 'Enterprise Architecture and Systems Thinking – Realising Capability.' How Enterprise Architecture creates a lasting and living account of why a system is being acquired and how best to integrate it within the defence community. Discusses the similarity between the description of relationships within the defence estate, both organisations and hard systems and the system-thinking skillset. Architecture Description, Systems-Thinking,Enterprise Systems Engineering
Issue: MICA(P) 162/02/2011 'Human Factors – On the Right TRAK?' The Singapore Engineer, December 2011. Authors: Chris Lowe, Liv Systems. Nic Plum, Eclectica Systems Ltd. ' Supports presentation at UK INCOSE Annual Systems Engineering Conference. Discusses the design of TRAK considering human factors and then goes on to describe the application of TRAK in some human factors work. [The Singapore Engineer only keeps last 6 months online - local copy of article only] MBSE, Architecture Description, Human Factors
'Human Factors – On the Right TRAK?' INCOSE Annual Systems Engineering Conference. November 2010. ' Presentation at UK INCOSE Annual Systems Engineering Conference. Discusses the design of TRAK considering human factors and then goes on to describe the application of TRAK in some human factors work. MBSE, Architecture Description, Human Factors

Other Online Articles

Blog-like posts

Title Description Location Area(s)
September 2016. How Would Sir Like His Metamodel - Classic or Model-Based? Describing and visualising a metamodel. Use of directed graphs and the Neo4J graph database to describe the metamodel for the TRAK architecture framework. Use of a model to support production of documents and support keeping consistency between the specification documents. MBSE, Architecture Description, Assurance
January 2016. Solution Risk, Vulnerability, Threat and Mitigation - Does Risk Need to be Separate from Event? Looking at the definition of a Risk and the similarity / distinction between a Risk and an Event. Architecture Description, Risk, Security, Safety

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