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Systems-thinking doesn't fit into a neat little box. It's a way of looking at the world, its parts and the interdependencies and interactions that affect wanted and sometimes unexpected behaviours of people, organisations and the products they make. We therefore get involved in many different aspects because systems-thinking is a transferrable set of skills that can be applied to any domain.

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Systems Engineering

Writing / reviewing / audting typical systems engineering deliverables whether documents or models (MBSE):-.

  • Modelling Plan
  • Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP)
  • Requirement Management Plan (RMP)
  • requirement documents - e.g. User Requirement Document (URD), System Requirement Document (SRD), Interface Control Document (ICD)
  • system architecture description /model / visualisation of your system design, boundaries and interfaces (e.g. using UML, SysML, architecture framework such as MODAF, TRAK)
  • assurance / verification documents e.g. verification plan, compliance matrix, assurance case (claim, argument, evidence)

Solving Problems / Integrating Systems

Looking at the engineering / technical part of the business or product and identifying / implementing solutions :-

Enterprise Systems Engineering / Business Transformation

Products designed and developed are affected by the interplay between a company's organisation, people, processes and tools.

We can help:-.

  • analyse / make recommendations
  • identify missing process, development artefacts/documents
  • amend / create processes
  • suggest / help integrate organisation, process

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Model-Based ... including Systems Engineering

Services, products centred on developing and using models.

  • metamodel definition
  • conceptual or logical model definition
  • architecture viewpoiont (view specification) and architecture view definition based on ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010
  • UML and SysML profile development to create domain-tailored set of elements to create an architecture view for a UML modelling tool such as Sparx Systems Enterptise Architect to describe the architecture of a domain
  • UML profile validation
  • requirements model (fully-linked model of requirements with attributes needed for design verification)
  • design verification using a model to describe the conformance claims with supporting arguments and evidence


We provide training courses for the following:-

  • TRAK - an open source architecture framework. Eclectica Systems Ltd. are co-creators of TRAK and help define, maintain and extend/integrate
  • Requirements - from introduction to requirements, managing requirements within tools such as DOORS



A free open source enterprise architecture framework. Developed for London Underground Limited but able to be used to describe a system in any domain - structure, function, interfaces, assurance / requirements / contract, security and safety.


A free open source plugin for the Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect UML modelling tool. More information ...

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