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Who Are We?

Eclectica Systems Ltd is a consultancy that specialises in the application of systems-thinking and systems engineering to solve problems in innovative, yet pragmatic ways.

It was formed in 1999 with the founder having worked in the systems engineering field within the UK aerospace and defence sector since the early 1980’s - at a time when systems engineering was recognised and supported but when there weren’t any university degrees or courses in the subject. Times may of changed but the belief that the ways of thinking, the approaches, tools and techniques can be applied to any problem in any sector, haven’t! Indeed the discipline can be found not only in it’s origins in defence and aerospace but also in the sciences, for example, systems biology.

We've delivered products and services to many clients in different sectors including:-


Eclectica Systems Ltd is located in the western part of Cambridgeshire (what used to be Huntingdonshire before the county boundaries got messed up) on the edge of “Silicon Fen” - so called because it has a large number of technology companies (probably due to the proximity of Cambridge University and other innovation hubs) and is adjacent to the fenland to the north.

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